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Visual KPI reads multiple data sources in real-time (big data, historians, databases, manual data, web services and more) and adds context with KPIs, groups/hierarchy, alerts, and geolocation. It gets your critical data in the hands of more users without extensive training and it can be deployed in days, not months. Want to see how we do it?

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Real-time KPIs on Browser, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, tablet
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What is it?

Visual KPI is mobile dashboard software for any device. It reads existing data sources and delivers KPIs, scorecards, analytics and alerts in real-time.

Who uses it?

Decision makers. Operations. Remote workers. Data Junkies. Anyone who values knowing what's happening right now, regardless of their device.

Why use it?

Mobility is no longer optional. Visual KPI presents problems and opportunities before it's too late. Oh, and there's no six-month project that "might" pay off.

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OSIsoft PI World Sponsor 

Upcoming and Past Events

Below are the upcoming and past events featuring Transpara, Visual KPI and our team.


OSIsoft 2012 Users Conference

April 23-25, 2012 - Hilton San Francisco

OSIsoft PI Users Conference 2012 Logo
Transpara Visual KPI and the OSIsoft PI SystemWatch the video!As expected, Transpara was the platinum sponsor of this year's OSIsoft Users Conference in San Francisco.  Michael and other team members were there to answer questions and show off the latest release of Visual KPI, the best way to get PI System data on smartphones, tablets and any other web-enabled device you care about.

Day Zero Session Featuring Transpara at NaturEner
Scott Hooper from one of our great customers (NaturEner) discussed in detail how they use Transpara Visual KPI with the OSIsoft PI System to optimize the operation of their wind farms and in selling energy as the first wind-only balancing authority.  Learn more about NaturEner's operations center... 

Day Two Session Featuring Visual KPI with John Ragone of National Grid
This presentation will show how National Grid Power Plant Operations began with a basic PI System installation and developed it into a departmental standard that we continue to expand and leverage year after year, including adding KPIs and going mobile with Visual KPI!  Learn more... 

Day Two Session Featuring Visual KPI with WINData
Greg Le Blanc from WINData discussed cloud-based aggregation of high-fidelity, distributed meteorological data from unattended low power field devices and how they use Transpara Visual KPI with the OSIsoft PI System to visualize data on any device.  Learn more... 

Day Two Session Featuring Visual KPI with Iberdrola
Iberdrola's Miguel Chavero described how it's possible to change the role and convert plant floor data on actionable information, providing strong tools insight to maximize benefits and reliability across different power generation techniques—nuclear, combined-cycle, coal, renewables and others.  Learn more... 

We also had a great Visual KPI demo in second session by Greg Le Blanc and Brian Helms from Alcoa gave us a great mention in their talk.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to mention us in their presentations!

OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase Highlights Transpara Visual KPI
At the 2012 Users Conference, OSIsoft executives used Visual KPI and its integration with the OSIsoft PI System to launch their new partner solution showcase.  It's filled with great information, but most importantly it contains reviews by real customers from arounnd the world.  Give it a look... 

Also, here's the launch video featuring our own Michael Saucier (go to 1:28).

If you are attending next year's UC 2013, please let us know on Twitter at @transpara or drop us an email at

Click here for more conference information.


Mobile BI Webinar - Gray Matter Systems

October 12, 2011 - Online

Gray Matter Systems
Transpara and Gray Matter Systems are hosting a public webinar showcasing Visual KPI and discussing the uses of Mobile BI in operational and industrial environments.  Michael Saucier, CEO of Transpara will be presenting.

Click here to register for the mobile BI webinar.


OSIsoft PI T&D Users Group Meeting 2011

September 21-23, 2011 - Philadelphia, PA

OSIsoft T&D Users Group

Transpara is once again proud to be attending the 2001 OSIsoft Transmission & Distribution Users Group meeting in Philadelphia.  T&D is one of our biggest industries and OSIsoft is one of our favorite partners.  How could we miss it?

Read more at the conference web site...


Global Refining Strategies Summit 2011

November 14-16, 2011 - Houston, Texas

Transpara is proud to sponsor the Global Refining Strategies Summit 2011, which attracts 350+ attendees annually. Now in its fifth successive year, Global Refining Strategies Summit is the premier event for senior executives working within the hydrocarbon, refining and processing industry.

Join Michael Saucier and others from Transpara as we present a customer case study and host several 1 on 1 sessions with industry executives.  Contact us if you would like more information about the event.


Transpara Sponsors the OSIsoft Users Conference 2011

March 28-30, 2011 - San Francisco, CA

It's that time of year again and as usually we will be a conference sponsor and will be presenting case studies and offering demos throughout.  Be on the lookout (or just listen) for Michael Saucier as he shows what Transpara has been up to, including new features in Visual KPI and new ways to take your OSIsoft PI System with you on your favorite mobile device.  
Find out more at the conference website.

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