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Visual KPI reads multiple data sources in real-time (big data, historians, databases, manual data, web services and more) and adds context with KPIs, groups/hierarchy, alerts, and geolocation. It gets your critical data in the hands of more users without extensive training and it can be deployed in days, not months. Want to see how we do it?

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What is it?

Visual KPI is mobile dashboard software for any device. It reads existing data sources and delivers KPIs, scorecards, analytics and alerts in real-time.

Who uses it?

Decision makers. Operations. Remote workers. Data Junkies. Anyone who values knowing what's happening right now, regardless of their device.

Why use it?

Mobility is no longer optional. Visual KPI presents problems and opportunities before it's too late. Oh, and there's no six-month project that "might" pay off.

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Product FAQ > Security > What is "Security Inheritance" in Visual KPI?

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In simple terms, it means that Visual KPI conforms to our customers existing security models and/or requirements without any work on their (or our) part.  It just “inherits” the requirements from the host environment at the customer site.

  • Visual KPI is an enterprise-class software application and of course needs to know who in your organization is allowed to create, modify, delete and view the various KPIs, scorecards and trends (among other things).  This is critical, because so is the data we deliver.
  • By designing Visual KPI as a web server-based application, and specifically using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) as the platform, we get to leverage the existing authentication and rights-assignment subsystem within the platform, including the directory and all related security policies. 
  • Want the tech-heavy explanation? Visual KPI is an in-memory IIS application whose component parts all run as part of a virtual directory structure in IIS. One of the many benefits of IIS is that each virtual directory has a set of “permissions” which govern who which users may see or execute functions contained and managed by the virtual directory. Since each of our feature sets (website, Excel-based Designer, data source interfaces) have unique virtual directories we have complete flexibility and access to the power of Active Directory as our native user authentication and rights assignment engine.

Summary: No one gets access to our system until the customer’s existing environment says its ok. 

Only then do we allow editing and delivering of KPIs, trends, scorecards, etc to mobile devices, laptops and desktops. 

Because of this design, Visual KPI requires NO additional user database and NO additional rights assignment functionality beyond that which is built in to the Windows Server operating system.  Our users usually have a well-defined collection of users, groups and settings already, and we simply “assign” one or more of each to the virtual directories which govern each of our components. It is an elegant and IT-friendly way to leverage all the work a company has put in to defining their environment, and it reduces the added complexity of locking down visibility and editing to near zero.

We are extremely proud of this architecture and our users have benefitted from it since the day Visual KPI 1.0 shipped back in 2006. 

Read more about Mobile BI Security here.

Contact us at or +1-925-218-6983 if you want to speak with one of our engineers about it.


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