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Real-Time Mobile BI & Analytics

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Visual KPI aggregates multiple real-time data sources (big data, historians, databases, apps, services and more) and adds context with KPIs, alerts, and geolocation. It also gets your critical data in the hands of more users without the need for extensive training, and it can be deployed in hours, not months. Want to see how we do it?

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What is it?

Visual KPI is mobile dashboard software for any device. It reads existing data sources and delivers KPIs, scorecards, analytics and alerts in real-time.

Who uses it?

Decision makers. Operations. Remote workers. Data Junkies. Anyone who values knowing what's happening right now, regardless of their device.

Why use it?

Mobility is no longer optional. Visual KPI presents problems and opportunities before it's too late. Oh, and there's no six-month project that "might" pay off.

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Visual KPI Release Notes

As you can see we keep ourselves quite busy around here.  Unlike many enterprise software applications, we deliver frequent releases and add new features all the time.  As part of our maintenance and support service, all customers and free-trial users have full access to all updates and releases.  Not a user yet, try it out for free.  Check out the entries marked COOL or WICKED COOL to see what gets the boss all excited. :)


Release Notes for Build


PLEASE NOTE:  This release requires .NET Framework Version 4.5.  After this build was posted we discovered that Windows Server 2003 does NOT support .NET 4.5.  Please DO NOT install this build on a Windows Server 2003 machine.  Since the only component of the Server that requires .NET 4.5 is the new JSON/ODATA interface, we will be delivering future bulids which will install and run on .NET 4.0 and then OPTIONALLY allow you to upgrade if you wish to use the JSON interface. 

  • 2538 Fix: Installation - Client (Designer) Prerequisites trying to install 32 bit libraries on 64bit machines
  • 2547 Fix: Interfaces - JSON Interface Issues with Network Security
  • 2548 New: Interfaces - JSON Interface - Request Body Supported (HttpPost)
  • 2549 New: Web Server - IsNumeric(value) Calculation Function
  • 2550 Fix: Web Server - Tag name containing ">" fail to show in Actual column

Release Notes for Build

  • 2528 Fix: Web Server - Trend not resizing in IE
  • 2536 New: AF Integration Server - Add Status to AF Keyword Dictionary
  • 2537 Fix: Server Manager - .NET 4.5 Prerequisite fails on Clean Install
  • 2540 Fix: Web Server - Trend Expanding Beyond Window
  • 2541 Fix: AF Integration Server - AF SDK Caching Issues
  • 2542 New: Interfaces - JSON Interface Added

Release Notes for Build

 This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 2519 New: Multiple Subsystems - Info UOM and URL
  • 2520 New: Web Server - Bar Chart Limit Marks - More Distinct and Informative
  • 2521 New: Multiple Subsystems - Trend Types for Limits and Target
  • 2524 Fix: Web Server - Share Link From Adhoc Trend Not Working
  • 2525 Fix: Web Server - Zoom issues on Trend in IE 8
  • 2526 New: Designer - Feature Availability Indication Based on License Type



Release Notes for Build

  • 2469 Fix:  Web Server - Support for Geo Maps Via SSL
  • 2489 New: Web Server - Query Delimiter Option in Table Queries
  • 2493 New: Server Manager - Message Will Tell You If You Need to Upgrade
  • 2494 New: Interfaces - Excel Interface Now Has Parameterized Connect String
  • 2495 New: Web Server - Site Rollup Statistics By Category

Release Notes for Build

This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 2438 Fix: Server Manager - Wonderware Interface Will Not Allow Local User Access
  • 2464 Fix: AF Integration Server - Older Versions of the PI AF-SDK Not Working Correctly
  • 2470 Fix: Designer - Misleading Wording on Trend Cursor Count
  • 2474 Fix: Web Server - BlackBerry 10 Support
  • 2482 New: Multiple Subsystems - Site Rollups (Rollup information from other Visual KPI instances)
  • 2483 Fix: Server Manager - Upgrade Does Not Use Existing Installation Path
  • 2484 Fix: Interfaces - Excel Interface Query Broken on Fresh Install
  • 2487 Fix: Web Server - Apostrophe In Windows Group Name Causes Errors When Using AGL
  • 2488 Fix: Designer - Text Truncated When Windows Font Settings > 100%


Release Notes for Build

  • 2439 Fix: Designer - Document Actions Pane is Cut Off in Microsoft Office 2013
  • 2457 New: Web Server - Microsoft Surface Support Added
  • 2459 Fix: Server Manager - Alert Service Configuration Failing To Save

Release Notes for Build

This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 2373 Fix:  Web Server - Double Trends Displaying On Some Android Builds
  • 2427 Fix:  Web Server - Group Trend from KPI Bar Charts Failing On Older Version of Internet Explorer
  • 2428 New:  Web Server - AGL (Object Level Security) Performance Enhancements
  • 2434 New:  Web Server - Group Geo Map Label Options (Name or Name: Info)
  • 2444 Fix:  Web Server - Group Trend Failure with Special Characters (like ') in KPI or Value Name
  • 2445 Fix:  Web Server - Bread Crumb Link Breaks From Ad-Hoc Value Trend
  • 2447 New:  Installation - Default web site port change from 8170 to 80
  • 2448 Fix:  Interfaces - PI SDK 388 and PI Interface Issues
  • 2451 Fix:  Interfaces - Data With Exceedingly Large or Small Anomalies Will Not Trend
  • 2453 New:  Multiple Subsystems - OSIsoft PI AF Integration Service
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