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Visual KPI reads multiple data sources in real-time (big data, historians, databases, manual data, web services and more) and adds context with KPIs, groups/hierarchy, alerts, and geolocation. It gets your critical data in the hands of more users without extensive training and it can be deployed in days, not months. Want to see how we do it?

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What is it?

Visual KPI is mobile dashboard software for any device. It reads existing data sources and delivers KPIs, scorecards, analytics and alerts in real-time.

Who uses it?

Decision makers. Operations. Remote workers. Data Junkies. Anyone who values knowing what's happening right now, regardless of their device.

Why use it?

Mobility is no longer optional. Visual KPI presents problems and opportunities before it's too late. Oh, and there's no six-month project that "might" pay off.

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Support FAQ > Installation & Deployment > What are my architecture options for installing Visual KPI?

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Visual KPI consists of five software components:  The web client (browser on device), the application server (web server - IIS on windows server), 1 or more interfaces to data (PI, ODBC, etc), the underlying SQL database where configuration data is stored (SQL Server) and the configuration editor (add-in to Excel).  Sometimes all software components reside on the same computer, and sometimes each components resides on a different computer.  

After hundreds of installations, we can provide examples of "typical" configurations and "preferred" configurations.  Of course, we support ANY configuration architecture deemed necessary by your IT organization, these are just examples in the case where you are not constrained in other ways.  For a Pilot or Trial installation, keep the deployment as simple as possible!  Regardless of your chosen deployment architecture, remember that the machines must meet the system requirements and the software prerequisites must be installed BEFORE installing the Visual KPI components.  Note that we operate in native mode on either 32- or 64-bit machines.

Ideal Configuration for a Production system

Machine 1: (web server)

  • 64-bit Server running Windows Server 2008 R2
    • At least 4GB RAM
    • Application Server in Domain
  • 64-bit Interfaces to OSIsoft PI, SQL Server, Oracle, etc. 
    • as many as you wish, the record so far is 45 interfaces on a single web server

Machine 2: (SQL server)

  • 64-bit Server running Windows Server 2008 R2
    • FAt least 4GB RAM
    • Application Server in Domain
  • 64-bit SQL Server 2012

Machinie 3: (Desktop/Laptop)

  • 64-bit Windows 7
  • 32-bit Excel 2010
  • PI Datalink (if you have a PI data source)


For a Pilot or Trial Test (typical single machine example)

  • 64-bit Server running Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Ideally this machine is in a Domain
  • 32-bit Microsoft Excel 2007.  You may use 64-bit Office but know the caveats first.
  • 64-bit SQL Server 2008 R2 (or 2012 or 2008 or 2005)
    • "Bittedness" of SQL is your chioce, we run natively in all
  • 64-bit interface to OSIsoft PI
    • PI SDK must match bittedness of web server, in this case 64-bit.

Notes:  This machine can live on the Corporate LAN, in the DMZ, on the Control Network or anywhere else you choose.  You simply need to ensure that any device you wish to use for Visual KPI access has a way to "see" the web server.  This might be using a DNS entry, an IP address, or any other way required by IT.  We have lots of experience in this area, so just call and ask for help we are here all the time just waiting to hear from you!  Sometimes the corporate standard for Office is older than 2007, so for a trial, people sometimes use remote desktop to get to the server and use the KPI Designer with a single copy of either Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 in this remote session rather than trying to upgrade their own corporate desktops. 

For a Production system (typical three machine example)

Machine 1: (web server)

  • 32-bit Server running Windows Server 2003 
    • For production this machine MUST be in a Domain
  • Interfaces to OSIsoft PI, SQL Server, Oracle
    • PI SDK must match "bittedness" of web server, in this case 32-bit.

Machine 2: (SQL server)

  • 64-bit Server running Windows Server 2008
    • For production this machine MUST be in a Domain
  • 32-bit SQL Server 2005 (or 2008 or 2008 R2 or 2012)
    • Bittedness of SQL is your chioce, we run natively in all

Machinie 3: (Desktop/Laptop)

  • 32-bit Windows XP, 7, whatever you have
  • 32-bit Excel 2010


Server Architecture - Option 1


Server Architecture - Option 2

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