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Visual KPI reads multiple data sources in real-time (big data, historians, databases, manual data, web services and more) and adds context with KPIs, groups/hierarchy, alerts, and geolocation. It gets your critical data in the hands of more users without extensive training and it can be deployed in days, not months. Want to see how we do it?

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What is it?

Visual KPI is mobile dashboard software for any device. It reads existing data sources and delivers KPIs, scorecards, analytics and alerts in real-time.

Who uses it?

Decision makers. Operations. Remote workers. Data Junkies. Anyone who values knowing what's happening right now, regardless of their device.

Why use it?

Mobility is no longer optional. Visual KPI presents problems and opportunities before it's too late. Oh, and there's no six-month project that "might" pay off.

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03-04: Integrating Visual KPI with OSIsoft PI AF (Asset Framework) or other asset databases

Visual KPI can use another source (such as OSIsoft PI AF) as the master for configuration and hierarchy data using a feature called 'integration services.' This allows you to use the hierarchy and other metadata from a separate master data source.


Download the detailed PI AF Integration Server Reference Guide 


Using OSIsoft PI AF as the example, below are some instructions on what attributes Visual KPI looks for when deciding whether to create either a KPI, Managed Trend, Value, etc. from an AF attribute. Please keep in mind that these represent a subset only. For the full keyword listing, download the PI AF Integration Server Reference.

The AF Integration Server will create a KPI if it finds one of more of the following sub attributes: 

  • Max, Maximum 
  • High High High, HighHighHigh, Hi Hi Hi, HiHiHi, HHH 
  • High High, HighHigh, Hi Hi, HiHi, HH 
  • High, Hi, H 
  • Target, Tgt 
  • Low, Lo, L 
  • Low Low, LowLow, Lo Lo, LoLo, LL 
  • Low Low Low, LowLowLow, Lo Lo Lo, LoLoLo, LLL 
  • Min, Minimum 
  • URL (string any valid URL) 
  • URL Descriptor, URLDescriptor, URL Descripion, URLDescription, URL Name, URLName (string) 
  • KPI Name Click Path, Name Click Path (URL indicated that the system will look for URLs (above), anything else or missing goes to Trend)*  

* URL and URL Descriptor can be semi-colon (;) delimited lists. It is best if you match these up (i.e. 3 urls and 3 descriptors)

The AF Integration Service will create a Trend if it finds one of more of the following sub attributes: 

  • Pen 1, Pen1, P1, Pen 01, Pen01, P01 
  • Pen 2, Pen2, P2, Pen 02, Pen02, P02 
  • Pen 3, Pen3, P3, Pen 03, Pen03, P03 
  • Pen 4, Pen4, P4, Pen 04, Pen04, P04 
  • Pen 5, Pen5, P5, Pen 05, Pen05, P05 
  • Pen 6, Pen6, P6, Pen 06, Pen06, P06 
  • Pen 7, Pen7, P7, Pen 07, Pen07, P07 
  • Pen 8, Pen8, P8, Pen 08, Pen08, P08 
  • Pen 9, Pen9, P9, Pen 09, Pen09, P09 
  • Pen 10, Pen10, P10 

The AF Integration Server will create a Table if it finds one of more of the following sub attributes: 

  • ConnectString, Connect String, ConnectionString, Connection String 

The following properties apply to Groups

  • Zoom Level, ZoomLevel, Zoom (numeric 0-21)  

KPIs and Trends
The following properties apply to KPIs and Trends

  • Trend Scale, TrendScale (string “Multi-Scale”, “Multiscale”, “Multi Scale” all mean multi-scale, anything else or missing means single scale)  

General Properties
The following are general properties that apply to all Visual KPI object types (Groups, KPIs, Values, Trends, Links, Tables

  • Lat, Latitude* 
  • Long, Longitude* 
  • Show 
  • InService, In Service  

*Note that Lat/Long both have to be present to create a valid geo coordinate.

NOTE: If none of the above sub attributes exist, each attribute will be considered an individual value. In this case, AF Elements will map to Visual KPI Groups.

Can I get help with this?
Of course!  If you have questions or would like assistance setting this up on your own system, contact us or email


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